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Kiln Hire

Kiln Hire

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Pay online for your Kiln hire here. This is for previously confirmed customers only, please contact us regarding Kiln Hire prior to buying here online. 
  • Brand & Model: SKUTT KMT818
  • Kiln type: ELECTRIC
  • Internal size: 45 x 45CM
  • Max firing temperature:1200°C

We are very excited to help you on your ceramic journey!

We fire to the following temperatures:
Bisque Cone 04
Glaze Cone 6

If you require anything different this would have to be discussed prior to drop off. We do not hold any responsibility for breakages, part of pottery is accepting that sometimes the kiln gods aren't kind and there might have to be an adjustment in the build of your piece.

We will always try to advise if we think there may be an issue but we are not liable.

We reserve the right to refuse to fire any badly glazed pots, damage to our kiln can be very costly so we will avoid this as best we can.

Therefore if there is damage to the kiln shelves due to moveable glazes or badly glazed items you may be charged for the replacement of the shelf. The shelves cost £40 to replace.

We work on a drop off basis, a time will be worked out between us to drop off your pieces and then we will let you know when is good to collect. We usually work to a week turn around but can be flexible. Thanks!

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